What is tennis all about?

Tennis is one of this planet's more exceptional games. A legacy of the ancient ball games played in early time by the Greeks, Romans, Moors and Christians, later - during the Middle Ages - it became a past-time of the 'Nobles and aristocracy; only viewed by the public during exhibitions played in town squares.

It was throughout this period that the notion of tennis coaches and equipment lie. racquet and string) manufacturers materialized. Dynasties later, nearing the end of the 19" century, tennis was governed and developed by Major Wingfield.

The game's showcase events (i.e. Davis and Fed Cups, the brand Slams, the Olympics) along with its big-name players have also assisted tennis transition from amateur to professional status, while further facilitating its commercialization, and perhaps more appropriate, globalization. With approximately 60 million players in more than 200 nations worldwide, tennis stands in the forefront of the global sports landscape.


Why play tennis?

Tennis celebrated signature is that it is the "sport for a lifetime". It certainly has all the hallmarks of an impressive marketing motif, but just how true is it? Well... according to some of the world's foremost sports scientists, there is little doubt that tennis is one of the best sports for all to play.

Physical reason to play tennis

Clinical evidence related to the health benefits of tennis is becoming increasingly mainstream, and known to the general public. For example, a review of tennis related health research from 1966-2005,concluded that veteran tennis players demonstrated greater aerobic capacity, bone density, and strength, lower body fat and improved reaction time than people of the same age. However, it could not be stated that tennis was solely responsible for these positive physical adaptations.


History of tennis in Nepal

1982 – Bjorn Borg and Joakim Nyström exhibition match at National Stadium, Kathmandu

1999 – Four clay courts, and a viewers’ pavilion built with ITF assistance

2007 – First by-laws adopted in the presence of ITF General Secretary RK Singh

2007 – JTI Program initiated in systemized format with other tournaments following suit

2015 – Changes in ANLTA Leadership and Members 2015 – New Courts built-in all-over Nepal


Why Tennis nepal ?

For tennis players of all ages, standards, and abilities, Tennis Nepal offers turorial lesson for the Beginner player who are intrested in playing tennis and also private lesson for the professional group and individual lessons. With years of experience on the court assisting players in achieving their individual aims, goals, and objectives to fulfil their tennis aspirations, our incredibly knowledgeable at the top of their game in providing the very latest cutting-edge advice and coaching tips and also all highly motivated and at the top of their game.